This is Me:

I am a mom, a wife, and a student, and I love to crochet!
I met Husband for the first time when I was 13. It only took 12 years but we finally realized that we were meant for each other. By this time I already had 2 kids and had been juggling single parenthood for a few years.
Kid is 8 and he is wise beyond his years. He starts Grade 3 in September. He is the pride half of my pride and joy equation.
Baby is 6 and she is a happy and loving Princess. Unless she gets pissed off. Then her wrath usually lands her grounded to her room. I ain’t gonna tolerate no princesses in my home! 😛 Even though she starts Grade 1 in a couple weeks, she is, and forever will be my Baby.

Along with our three cats, Boo, Princess, and Duchess, that is my family.
As for me? I am a fourth year psychology student working hard to complete my degree in time to enrol in a 12 month Social Work program for Fall of 2014. My goal is to help and counsel people. In order to keep my sanity in my crazy world I grab a hook and get lost in my crochet.

Join me as I explore life as a blended family; life as a student; but more importantly, life as a hooker.


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