Alcoholic or Prestigious? – A NonCrochet related Post

It is amazing the different views that alcohol can elicit depending only on what socio economic class one is in.

I was raised in the lower class, ironically by an alcoholic. We lived on welfare social assistance, and to be totally blunt, the entire cheque was squandered away on alcohol. Currently, being a student and trying to raise children I find myself still in the lower class, but I WILL pull myself out of it. As much as I hate the “labelling” of people who don’t make as much money as Joe Blow on Rich Drive, I will admit that there are certain views and ideals that are common among many of the same people.

I was volunteering this morning for a charity golf tournament at the Country Club in town. Upon arriving I was told that I was in charge of pouring and handing out champagne.

“EXCUSE ME?” My jaw nearly dropped to the floor! It was SEVEN in the morning and I was told that I was in charge of making sure that 8 bottle of champagne were poured and handed out. We were making mimosas, so they were mixed with orange juice. I figured I would do what any other person would do in my position. Make them with a tad bit more OJ than champagne.

Nope. We had more champagne than OJ so I was told to conserve the juice and make them with 3/4 champagne. Let me tell, being the daughter of an alcoholic, having had issues with alcohol myself, it was damn hard to plaster on my face a smile as I handed out the mimosas to all the rich folk. It took everything in me to bite my tongue when I was asked “why not?”

BECAUSE THE SUN ISN’T EVEN UP YET! That’s why not! Why do we  need to serve alcohol that early in the morning.

But as I smiled, and managed to joke around with members of the country club (only so they could give me money so that my kids’ school could have a new park!) I began to think about the views that these people may have regarding alcohol. Very likely the majority of them were raised in a higher socio economic class, and went on to attend law school or medical school to maintain that class. I would hope that they worked hard to get to where they are, and weren’t faced with the horrors of life that I have been faced with, currently, and growing up. To me, drinking at 7 or 8 in the morning is a definitive sign that alcoholism is a risk.  To them, a drink is just that. A drink. To celebrate, to acknowledge friends and family. It does not need to symbolize the start of a tear in the fabric of the life that you are trying desperately to hold together.To be able to have a glass of champagne while standing on a golf course in the elite country club is a sign of prestige and power. One holds their flute of champagne and rubs shoulders with others whose collar is as white as your own. It does not mean anything more than that.

I wonder if I will ever be able to look so casually upon a flute of champagne like that?


2 thoughts on “Alcoholic or Prestigious? – A NonCrochet related Post

    • well, it was about 8 when the members of the country club members started trickling in for registration. :p And yes, I agree, once is okay. especially when it is a once a year tourney with people travelling across the border to partake. Apparently this fundraiser is a big thing.

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